A Trusted Law Firm For Meningitis Settlements

Cranwell & Moore P.L.C., Attorneys at Law attorneys have represented persons who have been injured by tainted steroid injections given to them by healthcare providers. After years of litigation, in State, Federal and Bankruptcy Courts those cases have been settled and those injured are finally receiving compensation for their injuries.

These settlements range from only a few thousand dollars for those without any permanent injuries to almost one million dollars for those suffering serious and permanent brain injuries and who have incurred medical expenses in excess of several hundred thousand dollars.

Meningitis is a brain and spinal cord infection that can be caused by either a virus (viral meningitis), bacterial (bacterial meningitis) or by a fungus (fungal meningitis). The symptoms of fungal meningitis are:

  1. Fever, headaches, stiff neck; and
  2. Nausea, vomiting, discomfort with bright lights, confusion and sleepiness.

Meningitis is a serious condition and, in some cases can lead to death if one does not receive immediate emergency treatment and medications. Steroid injections in the spine to relieve back and neck pain have caused numerous cases of fungal meningitis. This occurred because the steroid shot was contaminated with a fungus when it was manufactured.

Contaminated steroid injections which cause fungal meningitis have been known to put hundreds, if not thousands, of people at risk. Symptoms of fungal meningitis can take several months to develop after the initial injection. Receiving a contaminated steroid injection can cause very serious illness or even death. If one has had a steroid shot and then becomes nauseous, confused, drowsy, has severe headaches, dizziness and/or fever, that person should seek immediate medical attention to see if they have contracted fungal meningitis.

These tainted steroid injection cases are now being settled, however, people are still being injured everyday by tainted and defective shots, injections, and medications.

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