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Our Car Accident Lawyers Will Fight for You

While car accidents compose a significant portion of personal injury claims, it is wrong to think that they are always simple and can be resolved without experienced representation. In nearly every car accident case, it pays to have the help of a knowledgeable and competent lawyer.

The attorneys at Cranwell & Moore P.L.C., Attorneys at Law have many years of experience negotiating with insurance companies on behalf of Virginia car accident victims and their families. In these negotiations, we see to it that our clients receive full and fair compensation for their injuries.

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Car Accident Cases Our Law Firm Takes

Our law firm handles many car accident cases involving:

  • Drunk drivers

  • Head-on collisions

  • Rear-end collisions

  • Catastrophic injury

  • Wrongful death

  • Underinsured motorists

  • Unlicensed drivers or drivers with suspended licenses

Most car accident cases are settled before trial. However, the attorneys of Cranwell & Moore P.L.C., Attorneys at Law know that some motor vehicle accident cases must be tried, usually when the insurance company is unreasonable in its settlement negotiations.

Our proven record shows that we do not back away from litigation. Our attorneys have extensive experience trying both small and large car wreck cases. Whatever the practical or legal issues that arise out of an auto accident, our firm is prepared to address them directly. We work hard to ensure that our clients are fairly compensated for the injuries they have suffered because of negligent drivers.

What You Should Do After a Car Accident

The first thing you should do after an accident is to ensure your own physical safety and the safety of others in your vehicle. Get out of harm’s way as soon as possible, call 911, and obtain the medical treatment you need. When your physical well-being has been safeguarded, the following tips can make a difference in any personal injury litigation that may arise:

  • Get the other driver’s insurance information.

  • Take pictures of the accident scene, including damage to the vehicles, skid marks, and road conditions.

  • Gather information from anyone who was an eyewitness to the accident.

  • Document any injuries you suffered in the accident. Take pictures of bruises, lacerations, and other injuries, if possible.

Just as important as what to do after an accident is what not to do, including the following:

  • Do not make any statements to the at-fault driver’s insurance company before talking to your lawyer. They have their own interests in mind. Your attorney can help you understand your rights and, if circumstances warrant, guide you through the process of pursuing a motor vehicle accident claim.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accidents

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Car Accident?

You are not required to work with an attorney. However, by working with an attorney who understands how these cases work and what your case is most likely worth, you put yourself in a better position to demand maximum compensation. We are trial attorneys. This means we understand the value of agile negotiation. It also means the insurance company understands that we will take them to trial if they do not offer a reasonable settlement.

What Can I Recover From a Car Accident?

Every accident and every injury is different. What matters is that you understand the true cost of the injury and lost work, and medical care, and that you pursue the maximum. The No. 1 mistake is not knowing what your injury is worth and accepting nothing or far too little.

Why Should I Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

Studies show that having an attorney negotiate or take your case to court is in your best interest financially. It may also be of benefit to you to have someone else do the work of getting the evidence together, explaining your rights and options, and taking care of the negotiations or trial. Working with an established and proven attorney allows you to rest and recover, and can give you and your family peace of mind.

What Can I Recover in a Car Accident?

This depends on the severity of your injuries and the behavior of the liable and negligent party. In some cases, you may pursue compensation for:

  • All of your medical expenses

  • Damage or loss of your vehicle

  • Lost wages or income

  • Pain and suffering

  • Cost for equipment necessary for your recovery

  • Cost for care needed to heal, such as various therapies

Each case is different. It is important to speak with an attorney who works in personal injury cases to fully understand what is available to you after your car crash.

What Are Common Car Accident Injuries?

Injuries vary depending on the types of vehicles, speeds, and location of the crash. The most common injuries in a car crash are whiplash, back injuries, broken wrists and ankles, sprains, strains, bruising, and other soft tissue damage. Serious car accidents can cause broken legs, spine fractures, and traumatic brain injuries.

How Does the Car Accident Settlement Process Work in Virginia?

After the accident, and after you have been seen by a medical professional and have contacted your insurance company, you may want to speak with a personal injury attorney. It’s important that you fully understand your rights before signing anything the insurance company provides. Do not sign anything yet, but give your insurance company an accident report.

In general, your attorney will then:

  1. Send a demand letter to the insurance company (insurance claim letter).

  2. Negotiate on your behalf. In over 90% of cases, a settlement is reached. The insurance company may accept the offer or counteroffer. This back-and-forth may happen a couple of times.

  3. Pursue your case in court if a settlement agreement is not reached.

Often the insurance company will settle days or hours before the court case.

  1. If no settlement is reached then the case proceeds and a trial begins.

  2. There may be an appeal after the trial concludes.

Again, speaking with an attorney can only help you. At Cranwell & Moore P.L.C., Attorneys at Law, we charge no up-front fee for our services. Instead, we get paid only if we take your case and win a settlement or verdict. In this case, we will take an agreed-upon percentage of what you are paid. Nothing comes out of your pocket to pay us before a settlement or verdict.

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