Holding Negligent Pet Owners Accountable

Although animal attack claims most commonly involve dog bites, many other types of domesticated animals, such as ferrets, cats and even birds, can also bite humans. Wild animals kept as pets can also cause severe injuries. However, an owner’s liability varies greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

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Liability In Animal Attack Cases

In most cases, an injured person must show that the dog or other animal was owned and kept by the defendant. In addition, the plaintiff must also prove that the owner was negligent, such as by failing to restrain the animal.

Just because you were attacked, however, does not automatically mean you will be entitled to recover damages. You may be denied compensation if:

  • You provoked the animal into attacking you.
  • You were warned to avoid the animal, but you did not.
  • You were trespassing on the animal owner’s property.

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