Is Your Noncompete Agreement Enforceable?

If you are reading this, chances are you are concerned about a noncompetition contract or clause. These “agreements”—also known as covenants not to compete, anti-competition agreements, and noncompetition clauses—are an exploitative tool that corporations use in employment and business relationships to prevent employees from taking their talents elsewhere. Most people encounter them as employees, and only recognize the threat of these restrictions at a vulnerable time of transition between jobs. When your current or former employer uses such covenants threaten your ability to pursue a better opportunity or work in your field after a separation, they are suppressing your freedom and acting as a bully. Fortunately, these clauses are often vulnerable to legal challenge, opening the door to avoid their restrictions with negotiation, or to use litigation to strike them down as unenforceable. Indeed, because companies often force the same contract language on multiple employees, having the covenant declared void once can affect every one of them—and that is real leverage to negotiate.

Cranwell & Moore, P.L.C. attorney Devon Munro has been helping individuals—professionals, salespeople, and executives—liberate themselves and their futures from the shackles of noncompetition agreements for two decades. We believe that the law should protect the freedom of individual Americans to pursue economic success by finding the best outlet for their own personal skills, ideas, and effort. But it takes an excellent lawyer to make sure the law does that—one who not only masters Virginia’s particular case law about anti-competition, nondisclosure, and nonsolicitation clauses but also strategizes the most effective path for your individual goals.

Devon has litigated numerous cases for individuals seeking to fight and void noncompetition clauses, and has convinced the judges in all of them to strike the covenants down as void and unenforceable. He practices across the Commonwealth of Virginia and will fight an unreasonable Goliath in court if that is in your best interest. But “victory” is really a happy client who can move on to a better future. When there is the potential for negotiation between reasonable adversaries, it is often the most efficient means of saving you precious time and money while achieving the same practical results.

We will give you the best advice about your particular noncompete and circumstances, so that you can make decisions about your future with confidence. Contact us today for a free consultation and tell us about your unique situation and your goals. We listen first, then analyze the noncompete to help you find the best strategy to move forward.