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Identifying defendants essential in medical malpractice suits

When a Virginia patient is injured in a medical procedure, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly who is responsible for the error. Often, a large number of people have come into contact with a patient, from medical technicians to anesthesiologists to surgeons. Furthermore, a patient may have been unconscious due to anesthesia when an injury occurred.

How do restraints lead to nursing home injuries in Virginia?

Virginians who reside in a nursing home rely on the care they receive from nursing home staff to survive and to thrive. The residents are in nursing homes because they cannot properly care for themselves. Unfortunately, however, the staff in nursing homes does not always properly care for patients, and their negligence may lead to nursing home injuries for some Virginians.

Virginia attorneys protect victims' rights after surgical errors

Virginia patients seek a doctor's care for specialized and knowledgeable treatment. For pregnant women, careful prenatal medical care and attention is especially important, as such medical care can affect not only the mother's life, but the child's life as well. Therefore, when a physician makes a mistake in the care of a pregnant patient, the consequences can be severe, as this blog reported in a previous post.

Dad pursues medical malpractice suit after child's birth

A father is seeking help from the highest court in the United States following what he says was major medical professional negligence in the birth of his daughter. Virginia residents may be particularly interested in this case, as the legal issues at hand are connected with the mother's active duty military status.

Virginia attorneys help victims of doctor negligence

Virginians have likely heard the term medical malpractice, whether on the news or in conversation, and they may be able to identify an obvious case of medical malpractice, such as when a doctor performs a wrong-site surgery or makes a fatal medical error.

Can I be harmed by a Virginia doctor's overdiagnosis?

Virginia patients may anticipate that a physician will provide a medical diagnosis when they seek treatment. A patient may even consider the possibility that a physician may not provide the correct treatment because of a failure to diagnose, incorrectly telling him that nothing is wrong. Virginia patients likely do not expect an overdiagnosis, however. Nevertheless, overdiagnoses are becoming more prevalent in the medical field.

Virginia family receives settlement for malpractice lawsuit

A Virginia family is now able to conclude the legal battle that began after a surgery that left their daughter with permanent brain damage. The family has obtained a settlement of $1.8 million in the medical malpractice case that has had a tremendous impact on their lives.

A missed diagnosis can be medical malpractice in Virginia

When Virginians think of medical malpractice, they may think of a doctor operating on the wrong body part, or a doctor making an anesthesia error and dosing a patient with too much medication. These situations may give rise to possible medical malpractice claims, but a doctor's lack of action via his or her failure to diagnose a patient's condition properly can also constitute medical negligence.

Understanding medical malpractice

Medical negligence and surgical errors can result in both death and catastrophic injuries. Medical professionals and medical facilities may be responsible to compensate victims who have suffered harm as a result of medical negligence. Both medical professionals and medical facilities may be liable for medical negligence if the health care provider does not adhere to the standard of care. The standard of care is a standard developed by determining what a reasonably prudent medical professional would do in similar circumstances. If the medical professional or medical facility failed to adhere to that standard of care, they may be liable to compensate the victim for damages.

Medical negligence: who can be held responsible?

Residents of Virginia who have witnessed or been a party to medical malpractice cases may know that not only might medical doctors be held responsible, but the hospital and other medical professionals may also be held liable Hospitals and other medical facilities can either be held responsible directly for their actions or indirectly for any instance of medical negligence.

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