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A missed diagnosis can be medical malpractice in Virginia

When Virginians think of medical malpractice, they may think of a doctor operating on the wrong body part, or a doctor making an anesthesia error and dosing a patient with too much medication. These situations may give rise to possible medical malpractice claims, but a doctor's lack of action via his or her failure to diagnose a patient's condition properly can also constitute medical negligence.

Understanding medical malpractice

Medical negligence and surgical errors can result in both death and catastrophic injuries. Medical professionals and medical facilities may be responsible to compensate victims who have suffered harm as a result of medical negligence. Both medical professionals and medical facilities may be liable for medical negligence if the health care provider does not adhere to the standard of care. The standard of care is a standard developed by determining what a reasonably prudent medical professional would do in similar circumstances. If the medical professional or medical facility failed to adhere to that standard of care, they may be liable to compensate the victim for damages.

Medical negligence: who can be held responsible?

Residents of Virginia who have witnessed or been a party to medical malpractice cases may know that not only might medical doctors be held responsible, but the hospital and other medical professionals may also be held liable Hospitals and other medical facilities can either be held responsible directly for their actions or indirectly for any instance of medical negligence.

A doctor's mistakes may be compensable under medical malpractice

In their youth, many Roanoke County residents dream about becoming doctors. Professionals in the medical field are appealing role models because they help people all while being compensated for their knowledge and abilities. Doctors in this country are subjected to a rigorous course of education and training before they are allowed to actually serve patients; that heavy load of learning is intended to prepare them to make good and reasonable assessments of their patients' health.

The role of an expert witness in medical malpractice cases

Any patient and his or her family has the right to take legal action over medical malpractice if the patient is a victim of hospital negligence or any form of medical malpractice. It can get difficult at times, however, to determine who should be held accountable for the patient's injuries. Certain standards and a system of tests have been put in place by the legal system in Virginia and throughout the United States to aid lawyers in determining who should be held responsible in cases concerning medical malpractice. However, when all else fails, the court may resort to calling in expert witnesses to help the court come to a conclusion.

Is technology actually increasing the chance of medical errors?

When treating patients, doctors and other healthcare providers across the country, including Virginia, generally rely on medical information provided by patients and obtained by diagnostic testing. Now the overwhelming majority of data are retained by electronic health record systems. This information is used to track and determine treatment and provide periodic alerts and advice about a particular patient's condition or needs.

An overview of medical malpractice caps in Virginia

Medical malpractice is defined as an act of negligence by a medical professional, including hospitals, where the patient suffers or even dies as a result of sub-optimal treatment. The families of patients can claim compensation from the health care providers and, sometimes, the compensation amount can be very large. In Virginia, as doctors faced high medical malpractice rates, they have requested a limit, or a cap, on the compensation amount that can be demanded by the victim's family.

Roanoke Medical Malpractice lawyers are here to help

Medical negligence or medical malpractice often leads to serious injuries and complications for a patient. Several cases of medical malpractices, including surgical errors like wrong-site surgeries or anesthesia errors, have left a patient impaired or even disabled, often permanently. Certain cases of medical malpractice have also led to a patient's unfortunate demise.

Wrong-site surgery can lead to years of agony for the victim

Wrong-site surgery may be one of gravest forms of medical malpractice that adversely affects the lives of many Virginia residents. Wrong-site surgery means that a medical procedure was performed on the wrong organ, location on the body, or limb of the patient, or in some cases even on the wrong patient altogether.

Legal recourse after experiencing medical malpractice

Medical malpractice or medical negligence may be defined as any act or omission of any necessary act by the medical practitioner, which not only injures the patient but also digresses from the usual customs and practice of the medical professional in related cases. The patient as well as relatives and dependents have the right under Virginia law to initiate a medical negligence lawsuit.

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