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What are the signs of a brain injury in a child?

It is a parent's job to protect his or her child. It is a hard job, though, and sometimes parents in Virginia may not know how best to keep children safe. When a child has suffered a head injury, it is important that parents and other caregivers are on the lookout for possible signs of a serious brain injury.

How are Virginians' brain injuries tested?

A Virginian's brain injury often happens quickly. A high speed car crash or a sudden fall can lead to life-altering consequences. Due to the emergency nature of traumatic brain injuries, it is essential that doctors quickly and effectively assess the nature of a patient's brain injury. They have a number of methods by which to do so.

Recognizing and handling the symptoms of a concussion-Part II

A head injury that leads to a life-threatening concussion was the reason behind the much-publicized lawsuit that former athletes filed against the National Football League. Since then, many people in Roanoke, Virginia, and in the rest of the country have become more aware of concussions. Unfortunately, many people are still unable to recognize the symptoms of a concussion, mainly because the symptoms are either too subtle or they appear after a long time and people ignore them because they do not understand what they are looking at.

Recognizing and handling the symptoms of a concussion -- Part I

Since the much-publicized, multi-million dollar head injury lawsuit filed against the National Football League by former athletes, many people in in Roanoke, Virginia, and the rest of the country, have become conscious about the serious risks associated with concussions. While not all concussions are life-threatening, the Center of Diseases Control and Prevention highlights the fact that the consequences of certain concussions can be severe.

Is someone else's negligence the reason behind your brain injury?

The brain is, undoubtedly, one of the most vital organs in the body. Therefore, when someone suffers a brain injury, the world can come crashing down around that person. People can sustain brain injuries in various ways. For example, newborn babies can show signs of brain injury if the delivery was not done carefully. People can sustain brain injuries while playing sports, as in the case of professional football. Similarly, an auto accident can also lead to a severe and disabling brain injury.

Head injury lawsuit: NFL, players reach $900 million settlement

Many Virginia residents would sympathize with people who have sustained brain injuries. It may take a long time for the victim to recover from a traumatic brain injury. The victim may find it difficult to cope with the necessary medical treatment. The experience also takes a toll on the emotions and finances of the accident victim and the victim's family.

Virginia observes Brain Injury Awareness Month all through March

Brain injuries can often result in major complications for the injured individual. Two of the leading causes of brain injuries in Virginia, as well as other areas in the nation, are car accidents and sports injuries. Many victims of brain injuries incur significant medical bills due to the years of medical care and rehabilitation needed for their treatment.

Brain injury recovery may take six months to two years

Residents of Vinton, Virginia, may sympathize with the people who have suffered brain injuries, as it may take months of years for these victims to fully recover. The treatment period may be difficult for the victim and his or her family both emotionally and financially.

Hockey teams use cloud-based application to detect brain injury

Many Virginians have been following the growing body of evidence that shows the severity of head trauma sustained by certain high-risk populations, including high school athletes, professional athletes, law enforcement officers and military personnel in war zones. Within the United States, the risks of suffering a traumatic brain injury increase with a person's involvement in a contact sport. Regardless of how it is sustained, however, a TBI can lead to various lifelong medical complications.

Brain injury prevented by headgear in Virginia school

Sports are one of the most common factors contributing to head injuries, which can sometimes result in traumatic acquired brain injuries. However, there are various laws and regulations passed by Virginia authorities in order to prevent such head injuries among student athletes.

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