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NHTSA data reflects trends in motorcycle accidents

Collisions pose a tremendous risk for Virginia motorcyclists. Perhaps not surprisingly, when a motorcyclist collides with something, whether another vehicle, a portion of the roadway, or another obstacle, that motorcyclist is at risk for catastrophic injuries. Due to the nature of their method of transportation, motorcyclists have less protection from collisions than many others traveling on the road.

Large number of motorcycle accidents due to no fault of biker

Though motorcycle accidents may garner a lot of attention, in Virginia they represent a surprisingly low percentage of total vehicular accidents. The motorcycle accidents that do occur happen for a wide variety of reasons, and may result in either injuries or, tragically, fatalities.

Attorneys seek damages for Virginia motorcycle accident victims

As the weather warms up and spring begins to blossom, Virginia motorcyclists may be embarking on more rides to enjoy the season. With an increased presence of motorcyclists on the highways in the warmer months, other drivers ought to take precautions to ensure the safety of all Virginia drivers, as this blog reported in a previous post.

Safety precautions for sharing Virginia roads with motorcyclists

Virginia motorcyclists usually take safety seriously when they climb on their bikes. Whether by wearing a helmet, obeying traffic laws, or using their headlights and taillights when appropriate, they often take precautions to ensure their own safety. Vehicle drivers also ought to be taking precautions to prevent dangerous motorcycle wrecks. There are many steps drivers can take to help make the roads safer for motorcyclists and themselves.

Driver negligence important in motorcycle accident liability

Virginia motorcyclists may be aware of the risk of accidents, and therefore injuries, as they ride their bikes. Motorcyclists have less physical protection from other vehicles on the road, and their mode of transportation is much smaller than a large truck, or even a small car. This can lead to increased dangers for motorcyclists navigating Virginia's roads. Accidents will happen between vehicles and motorcyclists, and when they do, one of the best things a motorcyclist can do is to be prepared for the legal landscape that may follow.

Attorneys aid victims of Virginia motorcycle accidents

October in Virginia offers a wonderful opportunity to observe the leaves changing colors on the trees and to appreciate the cooler temperatures. The views from a motorcycle can be particularly appealing, as drivers are not separated from their environment by a motor vehicle. This lack of separation, though an advantage for taking in nature, can also serve as a disadvantage if a motorcyclist is involved in an accident.

What dangers do motorcyclists face?

Many Virginia motorcyclists are drawn to their particular mode of transportation for the thrill of the ride that they can have on a motorcycle, unlike in a more traditional mode of transportation such as a car or a truck. Though there are many pleasures and benefits for motorcycle drivers, they also face some challenges that may increase the risk of dangerous motorcycle accidents.

Seeking legal resource after a motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries. Such injuries may include head and brain injuries, neck and spinal cord injuries and fractures that can lead to heavy internal and external bleeding. In many cases of motorcycle accidents, the victim of the accident can lead to the victim's death. Virginia State authorities have enacted numerous motorcycle safety initiatives as well as public awareness drives to ensure that the car and truck drivers are aware of the dangers that others on the roads face due to reckless driving.

Accident involving two motorcycles claims life of 20 year old

Motorcycle accidents can be very traumatic, both physically and emotionally. Often, it is not just the victim who suffers; the victim's family faces a great deal of grief too. In a situation where the victim does not possess proper health insurance, the family may have to pay the majority or all of the medical and rehabilitation expenses during the hospital stay, as well as during the patient's recovery period. In a worst-case scenario, the victim may not survive his or her injuries, leaving the family absolutely devastated.

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