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Pedestrian suffers life threatening injuries in hit and run

When an auto accident in Virginia involves a vehicle and a pedestrian, the driver is expected to stay at the scene, see if the pedestrian is injured and provide assistance if necessary. If the driver does not do this, it can lead to criminal charges. For the victim in a hit and run car crash, the identity of the driver is important for insurance purposes and to file a lawsuit, if need be. The person who was hurt and that person's family members need to be cognizant of how the investigation into the hit and run is proceeding so they are prepared to file a claim seeking compensation.

Legal settlement reached following tragic Virginia car accident

A recent legal settlement will benefit the infant daughter of a man killed in a Virginia car crash last year. The settlement, in the amount of $100,000, was approved by a Roanoke Circuit Court judge following a lengthy accident investigation.

Accident victims may benefit from Virginia counsel

An intoxicated driver is a dangerous driver. Whether that motorist is intoxicated by alcohol or drugs, a driver who is not driving with clear faculties makes for a danger on Virginia's highways. Unfortunately, there is not much that individual Virginia drivers can do about other negligent and intoxicated drivers on the road, as even the most defensive driver may be susceptible to their errant ways.

Drugged driving contributes to Virginia car accidents

Virginia drivers can use their turn signals, wear their seatbelts, and stay alert while driving in order to protect their own safety. They cannot, however, control what other drivers on the road do, and, unfortunately, the behavior of other negligent drivers can have dangerous and deadly consequences for Virginians.

Distracted driving extends beyond texting into app use

In Virginia and across the country, there should be certain activities that are off-limits while operating a motor vehicle. Such activities can create a distracted driver, putting others in danger. These distracting activities include texting and driving, which is becoming a growing concern. While law enforcement attempts to reduce the number of people who are texting and using their smartphones while behind the wheel, such attempts are not always effective. Teens are particularly vulnerable to the temptation. This can lead to an auto accident with injuries and even fatalities. To compound matters, there is an increasing incidence of teens who are using their smartphones while driving not just for texting, but also for playing popular games. This makes the roads even more dangerous.

Drowsy driving contributes to dangerous car accidents

A new study confirms what many Virginians may have already suspected. Driving while tired or drowsy is dangerous. In fact, driving without proper rest can even be deadly. According to the study by the Governors Highway Safety Association, every day there are approximately 84 million American drivers on the roads who are sleep-deprived. This sleep deprivation contributed to many fatal car collisions in 2015, and resulted in the deaths of approximately 5,000 individuals. Sleep-deprived driving has been identified as a factor in almost 20 percent of auto accident fatalities.

Aggressive driving leads to deadly car accidents

Negligent drivers come in many forms. From a driver who is distracted while texting and driving, to a driver who is swerving in and out of lanes, a negligent driver has the potential to cause a dangerous car wreck in Virginia. Another form of negligent driving arises when a driver demonstrates angry or aggressive behavior. A new survey released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reveals that angry and aggressive driving behavior is common.

Virginia attorneys represent car accident victims' rights

A Virginia car accident victim likely has a long list of "to-dos." Between potential therapy and rehabilitation appointments, to extensive car repairs, to figuring out how to pay for mounting medical expenses and other costs of living if he or she is missing time away from work, the repercussions of a car accident can be daunting. Additionally, in some cases, there may be the emotional toll of a criminal trial looming over a victim's head, as this blog reported in a previous post.

Fatal Virginia car accident leads to criminal charge

A car crash can happen in an instant. The repercussions of an accident can last a lifetime for a victim and his or her family, however. It can take time for a victim and his or her family to heal, both physically and emotionally, particularly when an accident investigation can take weeks or months to complete. One Virginia family is living this reality following a car accident that occurred in June, 2015.

Car accident victims may benefit from Virginia attorneys' counsel

Every time a Virginian gets into his or her automobile, he or she faces the possibility of a dangerous car accident. Whether a collision with a large commercial vehicle on the interstate, or an accident involving a drunk driver on a two lane highway, as this blog reported in a previous post, there are a multitude of ways that Virginians might be injured in car accidents.

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