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Case Results

$2.5 Million Jury Verdict – Cumulative Injuries/Hip Replacements – Detroit, MI

A railroad carman suffered cumulative trauma injuries to both hips. He had several surgeries and had to have both hips replaced. He was unable to return to work, causing him substantial loss of future income. We got him a jury verdict of $2.5 million.

$1.5 Million Settlement – Worker Loses Leg And Foot – Martinsville, VA

A man, working in a train yard, was runover after a railcar with a defective brake rolled down an incline and hit another car, which rolled over him. He lost one leg below the knee and the foot on his other leg below the ankle. The case settled for $1.5 million, with a waiver of the worker’s compensation insurance liens.

$1.5 Million Jury Verdict – Occupational Injury FELA Case – Baltimore, MD

The plaintiff working in a railroad yard had to use ballast that required him to get on and off moving railroad cars and locomotives for about 20 years. He developed osteoarthritis in both knees, had partial knee replacement and will need two full knee replacements. After multiple appeals, which we also won, he was awarded a verdict of $1.5 million.

$386,000 Mediated Settlement – Cumulative Trauma Knee Injures – New York City, NY

Our client worked many years as a carman at a railroad maintenance facility in the Bronx in New York City. He developed cumulative trauma in his knee and developed early onset osteoarthritis. He had a knee replacement. Several revisions of his knee replacement were required and he couldn’t return to work. We mediated a $386,000 settlement.

Over $1 Million – Car/Tractor-Trailer Collision – Winston-Salem, NC

A tractor-trailer on an Interstate read ended a car that was forced into the guardrail, causing a second impact. The couple inside did not report any injuries, but both developed injuries after the accident. The husband developed severe back problems and has been limited in his work. His wife required multiple surgeries to repair hand tremors. We mediated a $500,000 settlement for him and won a $1.02 jury award for her.

$375,000 Settlement – Car/Tractor-Trailer Collision – West Virginia

A tractor-trailer was hit by the car in Raleigh County, W. Va. The car’s driver went over the center line and struck the truck who was the plaintiff in the case. The plaintiff underwent major back surgery and was not able to return to work. A $375,000 settlement was reached through mediation.

$320,000 Mediation Settlement – Motorcycle/Car Accident – Roanoke, VA

The plaintiff, who was riding a motorcycle, was injured when a small pickup truck turned left in front of him. The motorcyclist was thrown from the bike and landed on his shoulder. He fractured his clavicle, his left scapular, his vertebrae, and a finger. He also had a large cut from his shoulder to his neck. He had over $37,000 in medical expenses and about $27,000 in lost wages. We got him a settlement of $320.000.

$300,000 Settlement – Brain Injury Case

An elderly gentleman was being transported from a doctor’s appointment by a private ambulance service when one of the employees of this service negligently let the elderly gentleman fall from their stretcher and causing a severe blow to his head when he hit the concrete.  The elderly gentleman suffered an epidural hematoma and seizures from the severe blow to the head.  He incurred substantial medical treatment and hospitalizations for these injuries.  We were able to negotiate a $300,000 settlement for this gentleman at mediation.

$290,000 Settlement – Car/Truck Collision

An elderly man died after an accident. He was a passenger in a car that was struck by a truck that crossed over the center line on the road, hitting the car head-on. The car was pushed backwards, into a building. The wife was treated and released, but the husband died from his injuries. Cranwell & Moore negotiated the policy limit of $250,000 and $40,000 for the wife’s injuries.

$235,000 Settlement – Automobile Accident/Drunk Driver

Our client was driving his truck when an intoxicated driver crossed over the median and struck our client in the driver’s side of his vehicle.  As a result of this collision, our client had to endure extensive medical treatment, including major back surgery.  We were able to reach a total settlement for the client with the two insurance companies involved for $235,000.

$225,000 Settlement – Automobile Accident/Head-on Collision

Our client received serious injuries when he was driving on the Blueridge Parkway.  A negligent driver went across the center line of the road and collided head-on with our client.  Our client was taken by ambulance to the hospital where surgery was performed for his injuries.  We were able to negotiate a $225,000 settlement with the liability insurance company of the negligent driver.

$192,000 Settlement – Boating Accident – Smith Mountain Lake, VA

Our client was a passenger in a speed boat traveling at a high rate of speed in the dark on a large nearby lake.  The driver of the boat negligently came too close to shore and hit some rocks.  This collision caused the passenger of the boat to be thrown forward and he suffered severe injuries that required surgery.  We obtained a $192,000 settlement with the insurance company for our client.

$186,000 Jury Verdict – Auto Accident – Montgomery County, VA

Plaintiff suffered cervical spine injuries when she was hit from behind by a negligent driver.  The Plaintiff’s UIM insurance company refused to settle, stating that the Plaintiff’s cervical spine surgery was not due to the collision.  We were able to convince the jury otherwise and they returned a verdict for the Plaintiff for $186,000.

$800,000 Settlement – Medical Malpractice

Our client who was admitted to a hospital, suffered a coma and almost died due to a delay in treatment. Months of treatments and rehabilitation followed and there were substantial medical bills. We settled this case for $800,000 before a lawsuit was filed.

$793,423.78 Bench Verdict in Federal Court – Wrongful Death Lawsuit against the VA Hospital – Roanoke, VA

Our clients were the family of a veteran patient who entered the Veterans Affairs hospital for a cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal) surgery.  He suffered injuries to the ductal anatomy that caused complications leading to his death.  We filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the United States under the Federal Tort Claims Act, which requires plaintiffs to try the case in federal court with a judge, not a jury, as the decision maker on all issues.  After a weeklong trial involving multiple medical experts, we convinced the judge that the surgeons were negligent, resulting in a rare FTCA verdict for the plaintiff and an award by that judge of $793,423.78.

$450,000 Settlement – Slip And Fall Case – Roanoke, VA

A woman who was at a restaurant in Roanoke, VA, slipped and fell on a spot of grease on the floor. She had substantial medical treatments, including a surgery, before the trial. She had two additional surgeries. After a three-day trial in the Circuit Court of the City of Roanoke, we got her a $450,000 settlement.