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Will the Nursing Home You Choose Have Sufficient Security?

Cranwell & Moore P.L.C. May 31, 2017

When it is time to consider a move to a nursing home either for yourself or for a loved one, think about each facility that interests you in terms of security. This is not just a matter of knowing whether there are proper locks on doors and windows; proper security refers to various kinds of safety matters.

You should pay a visit to any nursing home or assisted care facility that you are considering and request a tour. Make a list of pros and cons about each. The results will give you a good picture of a future home in which you or your loved one would feel safe and secure.

Inspecting the facility

What is your opinion of overall cleanliness? Considering the risk of infection at hospitals and nursing facilities, the level of cleanliness is certainly a security issue. Look for fire exits and exterior entrances to the building. What if a nursing home resident wanders and tries to leave? Are there warning alarms that would go off? Are there security cameras and round-the-clock security personnel?

Ask about staff

What kind of background checks are made on potential employees? Do any staff members have a history of abusing elderly people, for example? What are the credentials of people on staff, and is there a sufficient number to properly care for the residents?

Personal belongings

Have there been any issues relative to the personal belongings of residents? What security measures are in place? Does the facility have a history of having had any burglaries or thefts?

Emergency procedures

If there is a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or tornado, what is the emergency plan? Are there plenty of disaster supply kits along with a sufficiency of food and water? Will the facility be adequately staffed and are there routine drills for both staff and residents?

Seeking legal help

There are laws that speak to the care provided to residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities. If you are comfortable with the level of safety and security in the facility you eventually choose, that is a good thing. However, remember that if concerns develop, or if you or your loved one suffers harm in any way, reach out for advice and assistance to an attorney experienced with medical malpractice and personal injury matters.