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Why You Shouldn’t Try to Settle a Car Accident Claim on Your Own

Cranwell & Moore P.L.C. July 22, 2022

Every driver in Virginia has to carry insurance and has probably watched thousands of insurance company commercials over the course of their life. When they get hurt in a car crash or need to fix their car because of the damage caused in a collision, they could fall victim to those aggressive marketing efforts.

People tend to assume that insurance companies will work with them and try to help them in a friendly manner. The average person doesn’t understand how hostile the insurance company may actually be to their claim and how the adjuster might manipulate the process for the company’s benefit.

Especially if the costs of the crash are quite close to the total amount of insurance available, you may need professional help negotiating a settlement.

Insurance Companies Want to Save Money

The main goal of the adjuster managing your claim will be to limit how much liability the company has for the collision. They may need to compensate you, possibly paying the maximum amount of coverage available on the policy. They will make every effort possible to avoid doing so.

Insurance adjusters may play hardball by refusing to return calls after making a low offer. They could try to trick you into admitting personal fault or might offer you an inappropriately low settlement. You will have a hard time pushing past aggressive negotiation tactics without professional support. If you agree to what the company suggests, the outcome will almost always be in their favor.

You May Not Know What You Can Claim

If all you do is add up your repaid invoices and hospital bills, you may not get enough compensation for the crash. There will be numerous other expenses caused by the collision. For example, you might have to take time off of work.

There is also the diminished value of your vehicle to consider. If the vehicle is not a total loss and you repair it, the record of the crash on the vehicle’s title will diminish how much you receive for the vehicle when you trade it in at a dealership or sell it later. You also need to think about future medical costs, which can be far more than what you pay right away after the crash. Future surgeries and physical therapy could cost tens of thousands of dollars.

A lawyer who is familiar with car crash cases will know what kind of compensation you deserve and how to overcome tricky insurance tactics. Having the right support after a car crash can help you get the compensation you deserve.