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One Killed in Fatal Motorcycle Crash in Page County

On Behalf of Cranwell & Moore P.L.C., Attorneys at Law June 27, 2014

Riding a motorcycle requires more skill than driving a car. Given the vehicle’s construction and the rider’s vulnerabilities, the risks associated are higher for motorcyclists. Even with protective gear requirements for motorcyclists, they are far more prone to serious injuries and fatalities. Virginia law requires motorcycles to be regularly tested to ensure they comply with safety standards, as Roanoke residents may be aware. But when human error or negligence is involved, all that still may not enough.

In a recent motorcycle accident in Page County, Virginia, a pickup truck that a man from Luray, Virginia, was driving collided with a motorcycle, injuring the passenger and killing the motorcycle driver, both residents of Gordonsville, Virginia. The case is still under investigation and it is not known if the motorcycle rider and passenger were using the necessary safety equipment. The driver of the truck was not injured, but was arrested and charged with drunk driving, as well as hit and run and manslaughter, both felonies. He is in jail at the Page County Sheriff’s Department awaiting arraignment; no bond was set.

This unfortunate incident and the fact that the other driver was driving while intoxicated, further highlights the vulnerabilities to which motorcyclists are continually exposed. For families hearing that a loved one was involved in a motorcycle accident, the news of an accident invariably brings about the worry of a possible fatality. However, even injuries suffered in a motorcycle crash can be extremely serious and may have a lifelong impact. The law ensures that victims and/or their relatives receive compensation in the event of fault or negligence by other drivers. It is always advisable that motorcyclists employ all possible safety measures to avoid the tragic circumstance of an accident.

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