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Most Common Mistakes Made By OB/GYNs

On Behalf of Cranwell & Moore P.L.C., Attorneys at Law Dec. 6, 2018

Many women depend on their OB/GYNs to know how their reproductive health is. However, similarly to any other medical profession, OB/GYNs can still commit negligence and malpractice. In one case in Ohio, a woman successfully sued her OB/GYN, and a similar case could happen in Virginia at any time.

A woman may trust her OB/GYN implicitly, but she should still remember that anyone can make a mistake. When it comes to the medical field, a mistake could seriously compromise a patient’s health. Therefore, it is vital to be aware of the possibility of medical mistakes when it comes to an OB/GYN. Here are the most common types of malpractice in this field.

Misdiagnosis of a pregnancy

Many women turn to their OB/GYNs to determine if they are pregnant or not. There is a litany of tests these professionals can determine this. The reason why OB/GYNs need to conduct several tests is that one could lead to a false diagnosis. An OB/GYN could tell a woman she is not pregnant when in actuality she is. This causes the women to not take preventive measures, ultimately leading to birth problems down the road. For example, a woman may continue to drink alcohol because a doctor told her she was not pregnant.

Birth injury

An OB/GYN must monitor the mother and baby carefully during labor. Part of this monitoring is to help ensure the baby comes out safely. Failing to monitor the baby’s heartbeat or breathing rate could lead to complications the child has to deal with for the rest of his or her life.

Pregnancy surgical errors

OB/GYNs often become involved when a woman wants to get her tubes tied. They also oversee Caesarian sections. For many doctors, these surgeries are routine and cause little concern. Complications can lead to injuries in both the mother and child, so the doctor cannot neglect anything.