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Mistaken removal of kidneys results in woman's death

Patients in Virginia put their trust in doctors and surgeons to know what they are doing and perform their duties conscientiously, competently and mindfully. However, physicians make mistakes, and it is typically the patient who ends up paying the price.

What can patients do to help prevent medical malpractice?

To be clear, it is not the responsibility of patients in Virginia to prevent medical malpractice. Hospitals and clinics have an entire team of trained professionals to ensure this never happens, and you also pay good money to ensure it does not. However, medical professionals, like anyone else, make mistakes.

When surgical sponges are left behind

Patients in Virginia might imagine that anything used during the surgery is removed and accounted for before the site is closed and stitched. However, for thousands of people in the U.S. every year, this is not the case, CNN reports. Roughly a dozen patients each day leave the operating room with a surgical sponge or instrument still inside them. 

How health care worker illness can lead to medical practice

Flu season is here. Many people in Virginia end up suffering from this illness each year. Some of those individuals are the nurses and doctors that you go to when you are unwell and in need of medical care. Depending on your job situation, you may go to work even though you are suffering from flu symptoms. Many medical professionals do too.

Can digitized recordkeeping pose harm to ER patients?

Many hospitals have changed their recordkeeping procedures to one of many digitized systems. If you need to visit the emergency room, electronic records should allow the physicians and nurses to provide you with faster, more efficient treatment.

Can you make a difference in the medical treatment you receive?

When you go in for medical treatment in Virginia, addressing your concerns is vital in making sure you receive the highest quality care void of mistakes and errors. Fortunately, there are proactive steps that you can take in protecting yourself against the all-too-common occurrence of medical malpractice.

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