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Head Injury Lawsuit: NFL, Players Reach $900 Million Settlement

On Behalf of Cranwell & Moore P.L.C., Attorneys at Law May 7, 2015

Many Virginia residents would sympathize with people who have sustained brain injuries. It may take a long time for the victim to recover from a traumatic brain injury. The victim may find it difficult to cope with the necessary medical treatment. The experience also takes a toll on the emotions and finances of the accident victim and the victim’s family.

In a recent incident of brain injury, a federal judge approved the concussion lawsuit between the National Football League and former players. A district court judge labeled the lawsuit fair and reasonable. This final settlement has come over three years after the first head injury lawsuit was filed by more than 5,000 football players. The final settlement means that the NFL will have to pay $900 million or more over the next 65 years.

The settlement specifies that monetary awards will be paid to retired football players who have suffered neurological impairment. Also, the compensation will be used to counsel the former players and to pay the former football players’ lawyers. The settlement is substantial and it marks a victory for the players.

Virginia residents would agree that medical treatment for a brain injury can be very costly. The victim may require medical intervention in order for his or her life to return to normal. A permanent disability puts the person in a very difficult, vulnerable position. It is important to treat a brain injury or a person with any other neurological condition with love and care. It may be useful for the accident victim to seek the advice of a knowledgeable legal professional who has expertise in that particular area of the law.

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