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Doctor Sued for Error that Led to Loss of Woman’s Kidney

On Behalf of Cranwell & Moore P.L.C., Attorneys at Law April 1, 2019

The many doctors and surgeons practicing in Roanoke County provide valuable services to local residents. Their skills may be such that people are willing to place complete trust in them to successfully resolve the injuries and illnesses that ail them. Yet it should also be recognized that despite their advanced educations and skill sets, healthcare providers are still human and thus subject to errors in their work. People taking action against them following such errors may not be motivated by animosity, but rather a desire to hold such providers to a higher standard to prevent such mistakes from happening again.

Sadly, the results of such mistakes are often fatal. That was the outcome of a case involving an Illinois woman, She died after experiencing complications from a procedure meant to remove an abdominal cyst. The doctor treating her reportedly twice cut into her ureter (ultimately removing a portion of it). This resulted in the severe kidney problems which eventually required the woman’s right kidney to be removed prior to her untimely death. A medical malpractice lawsuit was recently filed against the doctor and his clinic, which resulted in the woman’s family being rewarded a $4.8 million settlement.

The compensation earned by malpractice victims and their families may help to relieve the financial burdens that their cases forced them to deal with. Yet perhaps more important is that such outcomes exemplify the need for healthcare practitioners to constantly put their best efforts into their work. A failure to do so may be seen as negligence by those affected. People wanting to seek legal action following cases of such negligence may find an attorney to be a valuable ally in such a pursuit.