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Avoiding Collisions by Using the Passing Lane Correctly

Cranwell & Moore P.L.C. July 13, 2019

When people encounter a slow-moving truck on the highway in Virginia, they often look for the fastest way to get past it so they can continue moving freely to their destination. While passing large trucks is certainly not prohibited, it can be incredibly dangerous if people do not take the necessary precautions to pass with safety. 

According to Lexington Toyota, passing should only ever happen in the left lanes. If people try to pass a slower moving vehicle from the right, not only is it illegal, but they could be fined and ticketed. Passing on the left is safer for both vehicles and allows the passing vehicle maximum visibility as they look for hazards that may prevent them from passing safely. 

Anytime someone is passing, they should use their mirrors and turn to see their blind spots. Their blinker should be on to signal to other drivers that they are about to move into another lane. If passing a truck or other large vehicles requires people to increase their speed, they should make sure they have adequate space to complete their maneuver before they encounter another vehicle in front of them. This is especially critical on two-lane roads where a passing vehicle may have to swing into the oncoming traffic lane in order to pass a vehicle in their lane. 

Nationwide suggests that if people are passing a large truck, they wait until the truck’s entire cab is completely visible in their side mirror before pulling back in front of the truck. This can help them to judge enough distance between their vehicle and the truck as they reenter the lane.