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Are Virginia Drivers the Most Deadly?

Cranwell & Moore P.L.C. Dec. 21, 2020

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, the road can be a dangerous place. Between complex intersections and distracted drivers, you could experience a crash on any road.

There many factors that can make one state more dangerous to drive in than another. A recent study looked at current insurance data and how states compared to each other with several factors taken into consideration.

Here’s what put Virginia near the top of the list of most dangerous places to drive.

Drivers with Lead Feet

All the states that made the top 10 for most dangerous drivers had many motorists with a habit of driving fast. While Virginia was not in the number one slot, it was a close second.

Ohio was number one, with 16.10 percent of drivers having one or more speeding tickets. Virginia was a close second with 15.98 percent.

Frequent At-Fault Accidents

One of the first things drivers look to the police to help them establish after an accident is who is at fault. Typically, the driver who is at fault ends up with the larger bill for the damages from the accident, and consequently, higher insurance rates.

When it came to at-fault accidents, Virginia was in the middle of the top 10, with 12.28 percent of drivers having an at-fault accident on their record.

Risky Roadways

In addition to having dangerous drivers, two of the most dangerous roads in the country run through Virginia. Although the most hazardous sections of these roads are in the Carolinas, it does not mean Virginians are off the hook.

Both highway 17 and I-85 made a recent list of the top 25 dangerous roads. Highway 17 has sharp turns and narrow lanes to blame for its high number of deadly crashes. I-85, on the other hand, has primarily other drivers to blame for disasters in its city stretches.

No matter where you are driving, it is essential to be an attentive driver. When you are ready to respond to other drivers on the road, you can increase the chances everyone gets home safely.