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A Minor Injury After Crash May Prove More Serious than You Think

Cranwell & Moore P.L.C. Jan. 27, 2022

On the surface, the collision between your car and another vehicle seemed like a minor one. With no major injury after a crash, you think there is no need for medical attention. Think again.

You may have sustained a serious injury without realizing it. Do not ignore a slight headache, mild twinges in the lower back and black-and-blue marks on your torso. These are all potential signs of a delayed injury symptom. Such symptoms may surface, hours, days and even weeks after an initial incident.

Headaches and Abdominal Swelling

Scenarios like the one mentioned stress the importance of seeking medical attention even when there are no apparent major injuries. Here are some common delayed injury symptoms that may be signs of additional medical problems:

  • Headaches: When they gradually worsen, headaches are a sign of serious trouble. They could mean a traumatic brain injury, including a concussion or bleeding on the brain. If not treated, the injury may prove life-changing or fatal.

  • Abdominal bruising and swelling: Bruises on your torso should not be taken lightly. They may be the sign of damage to the heart, lungs, spleen and liver. Internal bleeding may prove fatal.

  • Back pain: Getting struck from behind may lead to a back injury that starts in the lower part of the spine. The pain may gradually creep up, and you may have cracked a vertebra or damaged a disc.

  • Shoulder and neck discomfort: This may be a sign of whiplash, and potentially lead to lifelong neck pain, damage to ligaments, joints and discs.

  • Numbness in the arms and legs: The tingling may begin gradually or abruptly, representing a potential sign of nerve damage. Numbness along with the previously mentioned neck discomfort may point to whiplash.

In some instances, victims involved in car collisions and car-pedestrian crashes have gone to sleep and never awakened, having succumbed to injuries such as a brain hemorrhage. They thought their ailments did not need attention. If only had sought medical attention.

Listen to Your Body

Listen to your body no matter how minor the injury may seem. Neglecting to get prompt medical treatment may lead to lifelong complications. Please do not take risks when it comes to your health.