Fatal car accident claims life of mother, injures 2 others

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Sometimes, people become involved in a tragedy that changes everything for them and everyone around them. It seems one minute all is well, and suddenly, in the next moment, something terrible has happened, such as a fatal car accident. In one such incident in Virginia, one person was killed and two others seriously injured when a truck collided with a small car at an intersection near the Virginia Beach oceanfront.

The crash happened mid-morning on a recent Friday. According to a witness, the car turned at the intersection and was T-boned by a truck. Apparently, the car spun out of control and hit the truck twice more. Reportedly, several people nearby rushed to help the victims.

Police have said that when they arrived at the crash site, they found three injured occupants. Two victims were transported to a hospital with serious injuries, while sadly, one of the victims succumbed to her injuries. Officials pronounced her dead at the scene. Apparently, one of the hospitalized victims is the daughter of the deceased victim. According to a news source, the mother and daughter had just checked out of a hotel and were headed home when the accident happened.

Police have not revealed the cause of this car accident, but the witness accounts indicate that the truck driver appears to be at fault. Sometimes, drivers approaching an intersection are momentarily distracted and/or driving recklessly, and this seems to be the case in this tragic situation. Often, Virginia residents who have survived such a crash or family members of a deceased victim choose to explore their legal options with an experienced personal injury attorney.