2 people dead following Roanoke County car accident

| Oct 15, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Most Virginia drivers can relate to the experience of traveling on a highway and suddenly coming upon traffic that has slowed significantly or even stopped. To avoid a collision, drivers approaching this type of situation must follow the traffic laws and paying close attention to the road ahead so they can safely brake in time. Failure to do so may cause a car accident, and unfortunately, this was the case recently on a Roanoke County highway.

The crash occurred in the early evening on a Wednesday. Northbound traffic on the highway was slowing and coming to a stop. A 38-year-old man driving a tractor-trailer collided with two cars and another tractor-trailer before coming to a stop on the median.

The drivers of both of the cars that were hit, a 51-year-old man and a 64-year-old man, were taken to a local hospital, but sadly, both later died. The driver of the third vehicle that was hit did not suffer any injuries from the incident. The driver of the vehicle who seems to have caused the collision was also not hurt, and he now faces charges of reckless driving. Authorities are continuing to investigate the incident. According to police, all four drivers were wearing seat belts.

Some drivers simply do not devote all of their attention to the road ahead of them and seem to ignore some or all of the rules of the road. Sometimes in these circumstances, people are lucky enough to avoid disaster. However, in this case, two people have died. Often, Virginia residents who have lost loved ones in this type of car accident turn to an experienced personal injury attorney who can apprise them of their legal options, including pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit. A successfully litigated suit may provide grieving family members some comfort as well as compensation for the unexpected expenses and related monetary damages that tend to occur at such times.