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Hit-and-run car accident kills 15-year-old pedestrian

Many Virginia residents enjoy walking as a form of exercise, transportation or perhaps both. Most people find walking is an inexpensive, healthy and safe way to get around, but unfortunately, the latter is not always true, especially in areas where pedestrians share space with a high volume of motorized vehicles. Occasionally, a car accident involving a pedestrian occurs, sometimes resulting in death. Such was the case in Hampton when a teenage girl was killed in a hit-and-run accident.

Hospital accused of negligence in medical malpractice suit

Most Virginia residents who spend time in hospitals are aware that some of the patients have communicable diseases. Although medical professionals, typically, take every possible measure to prevent transmission of these diseases to other patients, occasionally, mistakes are made, sometimes resulting in tragedy. Such was the case when a woman in a different state died, allegedly after contracting Legionnaire's disease from another patient during a hospital stay. Her family has filed a medical malpractice suit, accusing the hospital of negligence and wrongful death.

2 people dead following Roanoke County car accident

Most Virginia drivers can relate to the experience of traveling on a highway and suddenly coming upon traffic that has slowed significantly or even stopped. To avoid a collision, drivers approaching this type of situation must follow the traffic laws and paying close attention to the road ahead so they can safely brake in time. Failure to do so may cause a car accident, and unfortunately, this was the case recently on a Roanoke County highway.

Encouraging responsibility with your trucking log

Driving a big truck requires you to practice vigilance as your job description includes the need to drive long hours, sometimes-treacherous terrain and in a vehicle that can be temperamental at times. Additionally, depending on who you work for, the loads you transport could pose unique risks of their own. Protecting yourself and other motorists in Virginia requires you to drive responsibly and stay aware of your surroundings and any potential hazards so you can safely handle them before they become dangerous. 

Unclear distracted driving laws may lead to accidents

Many Virginia residents know that distracted driving is dangerous, but the specific provisions of the state's laws are not completely clear. While many states have enacted laws that ban drivers from even holding a cellphone or personal electronic device while behind the wheel, such legislation has not yet passed in Virginia. Confusion about what counts as distracted driving may make it more difficult to enforce existing laws.

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