How to handle your insurance company after a car crash

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Car crashes are rarely straightforward, especially when more than one vehicle is at the scene. Between three and five vehicles were in a crash on I-664, where state police had to rescue a dog that ended up in nearby water.

After a car accident of any severity, you want to contact your insurance agency right away. Your insurer can reimburse you for the cost to pay any medical bills and have your vehicle repaired quickly. However, your insurance company only wants to turn a profit, which sometimes means paying out as little as possible. Here is some advice on how to deal with your insurance following a collision.

Stick with the facts

When you first contact your insurance company, you just want to provide the facts of the crash. You do not want to guess, as this will only hurt your claim in the long run if you end up being wrong. Additionally, it is a good idea to let your attorney do most of the talking. During the first phone call, you can inform the representative of the crash and then direct him or her to your legal team going forward.

Do not take the first offer

Insurance companies want you to settle as quickly as possible. They do not want you taking the case to court where your claim stretches out for months or years. However, you want your attorney to look at this settlement offer to see if it is fair. If you believe you require additional compensation to cover extra expenses, then you do not have to take the offer.

Watch out for investigators

Insurance companies send investigators to the scene of the crash to gather evidence. It is also possible for an investigator to follow you around. This most often happens when you have significant injuries. The insurance agency wants to prove that you did not sustain as bad of injuries as you claimed.