Misstep during surgery on spine costs woman her mobility

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When people realize that they are unwell and are in need of medical attention in Virginia, they put their trust into medical professionals to provide treatment and ultimately, a solution to their discomfort. While that outcome is largely the result, there are times when doctors make mistakes either due to carelessness, misinformation or even blatant ignorance, and these missteps could leave their patients in worse condition than when help was initially sought. 

This was the case for a Pomona, New York woman who consulted a physician and underwent surgery on her spine but was left a quadriplegic after mistakes were made during the procedure. The incident began when the woman sought help after discovering a tingling and numbing sensation in her upper extremities. After the consultation, it was determined that a spinal procedure called a laminectomy, would be performed to lessen the woman’s pain. Sometime during the surgery, a piece of bone fragment got stuck in the protective covering of the woman’s spine. 

In the days following the procedure, the woman’s blood pressure declined rapidly and she was showing signs of paralysis. Staff members delayed in ordering a CAT scan and after assessment told the woman there was no sign of a hematoma. However, later on, it was discovered that a hematoma was present and had it been removed at an earlier time, long-term damage to the woman’s spine could have been prevented. Instead, the woman is now a quadriplegic and suffers chronic pain and suffering. A recent verdict resulted in the woman being awarded nearly $60 million in damages for the malpractice lawsuit she filed. 

If people are further injured at the hands of their doctor, they may be eligible for compensation and an attorney can help them build their case. Victims that rely on legal professionals to advocate on their behalf, may find the process of getting compensation to be more efficient and effective.  

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