Examining how your emotional distress is calculated

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2019 | Car Accidents |

If you have been hurt in a car accident in Virginia that has left you suffering emotional trauma and distress, you may be wondering how compensation is effectively determined for the mental suffering you are enduring. At Cranwell & Moore P.L.C., Attorneys at Law, we are experienced in helping people work toward acquiring compensation for their injuries in a car accident.

Your physical injuries are usually easier to determine because you receive actual bills from your medical provider showing the amount of money you have been billed for medical assistance, treatment and recovery. However, emotional distress can be equally as challenging to deal with, especially if you are dealing with anxiety because of the trauma you experienced. According to New Look Collision, the emotional distress you are dealing with is calculated depending on several factors including the severity of your accident, how debilitating your distress is and how long medical professionals anticipate it could continue to cause you discomfort.

For example, if you received severe injuries that are life-altering, your multiplier would exceed a 5 on a 1-5 scale. For broken bones and other injuries, your multiplier may fall between 3-5 and for less severe injuries such as whiplash, your multiplier may fall between 1-3. When considering your physical and mental pain, experts will look at whether or not your pain is temporary or chronic, whether you have depression or insomnia stemming from your accident, and if you have permanent disabilities.

Having insight into how these types of injuries are calculated when they fall outside of the category of physical injuries, is important to help you understand the amount of compensation you have been awarded. For more information about personal injuries, visit our web page.