Doctor accused of malpractice by hundreds of former patients

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When people receive a life-altering diagnosis from their health care provider in Virginia, it can take a considerable time for them to come to terms with how this diagnosis will affect their future. What can be even more emotionally traumatic is if people receive a diagnosis that is incorrect and that creates difficulties in their life before they discover that they are not in fact, ill. 

This is exactly what happened to one woman who recently won a lawsuit against her former pediatrician after she received a critical misdiagnosis as a child. When the woman was only 9-years-old, her pediatrician diagnosed her with epilepsy after claiming that brain scans had come back with questionable results. He then prescribed the child anti-seizure medication which she continued to take for another four years. When evidence was found that she was feeling sluggish and unwell, a subsequent visit to another doctor revealed that her brain scans were completely normal and she did not in fact, have epilepsy. 

Now 26-years-old, the woman filed a lawsuit against her former pediatrician that comes on the heels of nearly a hundred other claims by former patients that he had committed malpractice. Recently, the courts awarded the woman $3 million for the trauma she endured in relation to the misdiagnosis. 

If people have been inaccurately diagnosed with a serious health issue, they may be eligible for compensation. An attorney can help to facilitate their efforts to acquire restitution for the emotional turmoil they have endured at the hands of a careless doctor. 

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