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Obsessive-compulsive disorder after a car crash

For many car accident victims, the consequences of the wreck are immediately visible. For example, someone may sustain a broken bone or some other type of injury and seek medical attention immediately. On the other hand, some car crash consequences are not easily detected and may come out in the days or even months following the accident. Some car accident victims may develop mental and emotional challenges following the collision, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, which can be incredibly detrimental.

Depression and motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle collisions can be devastating, and many leave victims with broken bones, permanent scars and other injuries. Some motorcycle accidents claim lives, and there are many other hardships that motorcycle crash victims may endure. For example, many victims experience emotional hurdles in the wake of an accident. Depression can be especially challenging for motorcycle accident victims, many of whom will no longer be able to work in a physically demanding job or participate in other hobbies and activities that they have enjoyed for many years. It is important for victims of wrecks to handle these emotions properly.

Woman dead following Norfolk auto-ped accident

Many in Roanoke County may believe that collisions between cars and pedestrians are relatively easy to avoid given that, in most cases, both sides often allow the others a wide berth on the road. Yet there may inevitably be times when pedestrians and motorists come into contact, making it necessary that both sides understand how to share the road. Crosswalks are the most obvious areas where pedestrians are likely to enter on to the roadway. Most likely think that they understand how to treat the situation where a pedestrian is crossing in a crosswalk, yet such assumptions have not stopped auto-pedestrian accidents from occurring in these areas. 

Working overtime, fatigue and motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle collisions have many causes, from intoxicated driving to distractions and high speeds. However, many people ignore how dangerous it can be to drive or ride a motorcycle while struggling with fatigue. Not only do people become fatigued due to poor sleep but working overtime has caused many drivers to develop fatigue, which can increase the chances of a traffic collision in many ways. For motorcyclists, fatigue can be especially dangerous, and it is pivotal to make sure that you are not sleep-deprived or adversely affected by fatigue whenever you ride a motorcycle.

What to do if you are in a multi-car crash

Collisions between two vehicles on Virginia roadways are common. When it comes to determining fault, when a car hits another from behind, the driver in the rear vehicle is typically held liable. If there is an accident at an intersection, the person who did not stop at the red light or stop sign is responsible. At Cranwell & Moore P.L.C., Attorneys at Law, we often represent clients catastrophically injured in a multi-car crash due to negligence or carelessness of another driver.

Virginia motorcycle safety - Wearing the right gear

The heavy boots, the thick jeans, the leather jackets. Does it all look cool? Yes. However, the gear that motorcyclists wear while riding in Virginia and elsewhere is meant more for looks. It provides riders with essential protections. Therefore, it is important for people to understand the types of safety gear they should don anytime they plan to operate a motorcycle.

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