Poor visibility and motorcycle crashes

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcyclists face numerous hazards on the road, whether conditions are slick due to rainfall or a negligent driver veers into their lane. These hazards can be even more dangerous at certain times, such as periods of low visibility as a result of fog. Whether you like to ride a motorcycle once in a while or on a daily basis, it is important to be aware of these hazards and in some instances, it might be best to stay off of the road until conditions improve. Sadly, many motorcyclists have been hurt and killed during foggy conditions.

Not only do motorcyclists have to watch out the recklessness of other drivers, but there are other risk factors which may be even more concerning when it is very foggy. For example, a motorcyclist may be unable to see debris on the road until it is right in front of them, which could cause them to fall off of their motorcycle or swerve into oncoming traffic. For example, a large tree limb may be laying across the road or there may be some other type of debris directly in their path, such as a large object that has fallen out of a trailer. For motorcyclists, this debris can be especially likely to result in a crash.

Even when a motorcyclist rides slowly and does their best to stay safe when it is foggy, those driving other vehicles may not be so careful. A reckless driver may speed around a sharp turn, and motorcyclists who have been hit by a negligent driver should look into legal options.