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Mental trauma after a motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accidents can bring on many different hardships for victims, from losing the ability to walk to sustaining a serious brain injury and struggling with medical costs afterward. Some people do not realize how serious these accidents can be from a mental standpoint and many motorcycle collision victims have endured unbearable mental challenges, such as memory problems due to a traumatic brain injury, depression and anxiety that makes life extremely hard. When it comes to mental trauma and motorcycle crashes, the road to recovery can be especially long.

Drug, alcohol abuse common among commercial truck drivers

For most drivers across Virginia, encountering commercial trucks is a common occurrence, but when cars and semi-trucks get into wrecks, it is often the people in the smaller vehicles who suffer the most. For this reason, it is imperative that the professionals driving those large, heavy trucks exercise extreme care while doing so, but regrettably, this is often not the case. Instead, commercial truck drivers are turning to drugs and alcohol at distressing rates, which can dramatically impact their driving ability. At Cranwell & Moore, P.L.C., we understand that truck driver recklessness often has catastrophic consequences, and we have assisted many people who suffered an injury or lost a loved one because of trucker negligence seek recourse.

Mistaken removal of kidneys results in woman's death

Patients in Virginia put their trust in doctors and surgeons to know what they are doing and perform their duties conscientiously, competently and mindfully. However, physicians make mistakes, and it is typically the patient who ends up paying the price.

How can I speed up my traumatic brain injury recovery process?

Patients in Virginia who are recovering from traumatic brain injury may often wonder how to speed up the process. During the recovery process, there may be many things you are unable to do for yourself. This no doubt helps to make the process seem even longer than it is.

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