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What can patients do to help prevent medical malpractice?

To be clear, it is not the responsibility of patients in Virginia to prevent medical malpractice. Hospitals and clinics have an entire team of trained professionals to ensure this never happens, and you also pay good money to ensure it does not. However, medical professionals, like anyone else, make mistakes.

What are some simple tips to avoid truck accidents?

While driving in Virginia, it’s important to pay special attention whether you are a truck driver yourself, or sharing the roads with them. According to Forbes, in 2015, there were over 400,000 crashes involving large trucks. These crashes resulted in 116,000 injuries and 4,000 deaths.

Watching your child for symptoms of brain injury

After an accident in Virginia that causes a blow to your child's head, you may be wondering whether he or she needs a medical examination. According to KidsHealth, the answer is yes, and you may even need to call emergency services if your child loses consciousness; has blood or clear fluid leaking from the nose, ear or mouth; is breathing abnormally; has one pupil larger than the other; has a seizure; or is an infant. 

Car accident fatalities decreasing

The risk of a car accident never goes away, whether drivers in Virginia remain aware of it or not. However, the good news according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is that fatalities resulting from car accidents are finally decreasing. The 1.8 percent drop follows two consecutive years of spikes in the number of fatal crashes. While a decrease certainly gives reason for celebration, it nonetheless helps to obscure the fact that 37,133 people died on U.S. motorways in 2017.

How a recent medical malpractice case unfolded

Like most residents of the Roanoke area, you have a high level of respect for health care professionals. When you feel ill, you trust doctors and nurses to provide exemplary care. As you know, however, mistakes often happen. When medical malpractice leads to significant injuries, you must act quickly to assert your legal right to seek compensation. 

Research shows observational limits cause motorcycle crashes

Many drivers of passenger vehicles in Virginia probably do not realize that they are a threat to motorcyclists. Even the most careful drivers may cause an accident, though, thanks to limits in how the eyes take in information and how the brain processes it.

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