What are some major surgical mistakes?

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If you have to go in for a surgical procedure in Virginia, you should not have to worry about what things can go wrong. Unfortunately, however, surgical mistakes do occur and some of them lead to medical malpractice claims.

According to the Patient Safety Network, there are three types of serious errors that occur. These include surgeries to the wrong place, those to the wrong person and incorrect procedures. Out of these errors, the most common one is performing a procedure on the wrong side of the patient. While these mistakes are rare, they are ones that should never happen. Because of the seriousness of these errors, prevention protocols are continually updated. Some of the focuses of prevention include:

  • Site marking
  • Surgical timeout to improve communication
  • Individual vigilance
  • Focus on safety culture
  • Strong teamwork

Despite a Universal Protocol, surgical mistakes still happen. While surgeons and other healthcare providers should communicate with the patient and family when an error does occur, CBS News reports that not all surgeons follow the recommended guidelines for reporting. While only a little over half of surgeons apologize or talk about prevention, many of them do show concern, reveal the error and take steps to treat associated problems.

To encourage error reporting, some healthcare facilities do not punish a worker who comes forward. Many medical schools also teach students how to talk about a mistake that does occur and have them go through training exercises.

While mistakes in all professions occur, a surgical one can have long-lasting and serious consequences. If the situation involves negligence, you may want to take legal action.