Children and pedestrian accidents

| Oct 6, 2018 | Car Accidents |

In a recent post, we looked into high speeds and the likelihood of a pedestrian accident claiming someone’s life. There are many other issues related to pedestrian accidents that are important to keep in mind, especially for those who frequently walk on or alongside the road as well as the parents of young children. In this post, we will analyze some of the risks that children may come across while walking and draw attention to this especially concerning issue.

Children may be hit by cars in many different ways. For example, a child may run across the road abruptly, without looking. In other instances, a child may be struck by a reckless driver while they are trying to use a crosswalk or walking on the sidewalk. Kids may find themselves in a pedestrian accident while they are walking to school, playing with their friends during the weekend or simply spending some time in front of their house. With Halloween around the corner, this is an especially concerning matter due to trick-or-treating, where many children take to the roads.

Sadly, these accidents are especially dangerous and have resulted in the loss of far too many young lives in recent years. Some of these crashes have been caused by reckless drivers who were either drunk, speeding or distracted for one reason or another (such as using their phone). If your child was injured or passed away in a pedestrian accident, you should explore every single legal option and do what you can to seek justice.