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Keeping impaired truck drivers from driving

It is not difficult to imagine the danger that a drunk driver poses to others on Roanoke County's roads. That danger is compounded even further if said drunk driver is operating a semi-truck or tractor-trailer. Most would likely want to give truckers the benefit of the doubt when it comes to accidents, largely due to wanting to believe that such professionals would never do something as reckless as driving while impaired. And while accident data shared by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration proves that truckers are involved in significantly fewer alcohol related crashes than other types of drivers, it still shows it to be a problem (with 2 percent of all large truck accidents in 2014 attributed to drivers with blood-alcohol concentrations of .08 or higher). 

Nursing homes with special focus status tagged for poor care

The special focus status designation is a strict form of nursing home oversight applied to facilities that do not meet federal standards of care. If you are considering nursing homes for a loved one, be sure to look into the operating history to ensure that a facility has a record of providing good patient care.

Sidecar motorcycle accidents

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, people may not picture a motorcycle with a sidecar. However, many of these motorcycles have been involved in traffic wrecks as well, some of which have even proven fatal. There are a number of reasons why sidecar motorcycles can be dangerous, even if some people may assume that they are safer than other motorcycles. If you ride a motorcycle with a sidecar or ride in a sidecar, it is important to be aware of the dangers on the road and go over your options in the event that you are hurt in a crash.

Issues with e-prescribing can lead to liability exposure

Electronic prescribing has been part of the healthcare scene since 2003, and most medical practices and pharmacies use this system. E-prescribing was developed to reduce prescription errors and increase patient safety. However, issues still exist, which may cause harm to a patient and open the provider to liability

When you are rear-ended by a reckless driver

Motor vehicle accidents happen in many different ways. Some people are struck head-on by another vehicle, while others may be T-boned or struck from the side by a driver who was trying to switch lanes abruptly. Moreover, some accidents occur when a vehicle is rear-ended. While some of these accidents may not result in serious injuries or the loss of life, especially if the vehicles are traveling at slow speeds, others are incredibly devastating. Moreover, these accidents can be terrifying, and they can also result in various consequences (such as financial issues) even if nobody is injured.

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