Avoiding debris on the road

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Drivers have to keep an eye out for all sorts of hazards while they are behind the wheel, including traffic signs, other vehicles, patches of ice on the road and many other potential areas of concern. However, debris on the road can be especially concerning and has played a role in many motor vehicle collisions over the years. Furthermore, there are many different types of debris on roadways across the U.S. and this debris can cause an accident in different ways.

During heavy winds, tree limbs may be knocked down and fall onto the road. Or, an animal such as a raccoon or a deer may be killed while trying to cross the street and the carcass may be lying on the road. Various types of debris may fall out of a vehicle, such as material that is being transported by a semi truck or trash that has been discarded by a driver. When these various forms of debris are present on the road, they can lead to a devastating accident in different ways.

For starters, a driver who notices debris such as a tree branch or animal carcass may swerve at the last minute in an attempt to avoid the debris. However, they may cross over into another lane without being aware of oncoming traffic, leading to a collision. In some cases, a driver may lose the ability to control their vehicle after going over debris unexpectedly.

Even if you are very careful while driving, other drivers who are inexperienced or careless may cause a traffic crash that leaves you seriously hurt.