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2 issues that lead to delayed cancer diagnoses

Every year, thousands of patients in the Vinton area and across the country receive cancer diagnoses. If you suspect you may have cancer or have recently learned it, you may not realize how important it is to get immediate and timely care. Though you must rely on medical professionals to provide a proper diagnosis, mistakes often occur during the process, leading to delays in treatment and recovery. 

Mistakes are an unfortunate aspect of the medical field that often results in harm and further injury to patients. To prevent yourself from encountering issues with your care that could complicate your health and life, consider the following information about medical errors and cancer diagnoses

1. Outdated beliefs and misconceptions 

Despite having to stay current on changes and advancements in the medical field, especially in their area of expertise, some doctors adhere to outdated beliefs about cancers and other serious and life-threatening ailments and conditions. For example, certain health disorders such as cancer and osteoporosis were once thought to primarily affect older individuals. Doctors may consider similar conditions that occur more commonly in younger people when treating younger patients and overlook the possibility of cancer and other critical diseases. This frequently leads to missed and delayed diagnoses and treatments. 

2. Poor patient/doctor relationships 

An important part in the medical care process involves the relationship between patients and doctors. When there is a lack of trust from either party, the level of care deteriorates. Doctors rely on patients to provide them with complete and clear information on discomforts and symptoms so they can order the tests and procedures to diagnose and treat. Patients rely on doctors to provide them with truthful, accurate information so they can make informed decisions regarding their health and make the appropriate lifestyle modifications. 

Delayed diagnoses and treatments do not just affect cancer patients; they also affect individuals dealing with other health complications, minor and serious. You should stay proactive, demand answers, get additional professional medical opinions and copies of medical records, and keep detailed notes on every medical appointment.


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