Prescription medications and intoxicated driving

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2018 | Car Accidents |

When people think of intoxicated driving, alcohol and/or unlawful drugs likely come to mind. However, prescription medication can also result in intoxicated driving, which can severely impact a driver’s ability to operate their vehicle safely and follow the rules of the road. Drivers who are intoxicated may be so impaired that they cannot stay in their lane or come to a stop properly and some may even pass out while they are behind the wheel. Sadly, these accidents have led to the loss of many innocent lives over the years and victims who have survived have also faced tremendous physical, financial and mental hardships afterward.

A person may become intoxicated by prescription medication for various reasons. Sometimes, they may accidentally consume too much of a certain drug unknowingly, while others may have an unexpected reaction to a drug. Some drivers may ignore the warnings and wrongly believe that their medication does not impact their ability to drive, while others may be struggling with an addiction to prescriptions. Whether someone is accidentally or intentionally intoxicated by prescription drugs or any other mind-altering substance, they should be held accountable for causing an accident in their inebriated state.

If you have to take prescription medication to help with pain, a sleeping problem, anxiety or any other problem you are facing, it is essential to follow your physician’s recommendations and never get behind the wheel if the drugs you take could have any impact on your driving. Unfortunately, some drivers ignore this advice and endanger the lives of others.