Going over different driver distractions

On Behalf of | May 12, 2018 | Car Accidents |

As a driver, you have to watch out for many different hazards on the road, including the behavior of other drivers. From alcohol use to prescription medication and fatigue, all sorts of risks are present on roadways across the U.S. Unfortunately, distracted driving remains particularly problematic and many drivers do not even realize that certain habits or activities take their attention off the road. There are a wide variety of reasons why drivers become distracted and these distractions can cause a fatal accident and leave survivors with devastating injuries. For now, we will review some of the distractions that affect drivers in Virginia.

Common distractions include changing the radio station, eating, and using a cell phone. In fact, cell phones are especially problematic, whether a driver takes their hand off the wheel to type or is not looking at the road because they are reading a text message. Moreover, those who are listening to loud music or trying to find a particular song may also become distracted. Using a GPS or reading a map can be distracting and this is especially problematic for those who are driving in a new area. Moreover, talking to other people in the vehicle can interfere with a driver’s ability to stay focused on the road.

Sadly, these distractions can significantly increase the chances of a crash and these accidents have resulted in many lost lives. If you were struck by someone who was distracted, stand up for your rights. Our automobile collision page has more car crash injury information.