Deer, raccoons, and other wildlife involved in accidents

| Apr 13, 2018 | Car Accidents |

As a driver, you have to keep an eye out for many different hazards when you are behind the wheel. While the negligent behavior of other drivers is a major concern, there are other things to watch out for, such as wildlife. Animals can dart across the road out of nowhere, and there are certain times, such as driving at night, when the risk of colliding with an animal may be especially high. As a result, you should be mindful of this when operating a vehicle.

When the sun goes down, animals such as deer may come out and walk or dart across roads. However, these animals may also be present during the day as well. Moreover, it is important to remember that while many of these collisions occur in rural areas, people in suburban and even urban areas may find themselves in an accident due to an animal. For example, someone driving in a large city could be involved in a crash due to a large dog running across the road.

There are many animals to watch out for when driving, such as deer, raccoons, and more. Sometimes, people have very little time to react, so when they see a deer they slam on their brakes or swerve in an attempt to avoid the animal. Unfortunately, these incidents can result in a collision involving a single vehicle or multiple vehicles, which may result in the loss of not just an animal’s life, but the lives of a driver or passengers as well. The accidents section on our site has more concerning auto crashes.