How many traffic crash deaths do rollovers cause?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2018 | Car Accidents |

People may lose their lives in motor vehicle collisions in various ways, whether they are struck by a drunk driver in a head-on collision or they happen to find themselves seriously hurt in an accident which involved several vehicles. However, rollover crashes can be especially deadly, and sadly these accidents claim many lives every year. If you drive an SUV, van, or pickup truck, your vehicle may be particularly dangerous with respect to rollovers, but you should be mindful of the risks that you face regardless of the type of vehicle you drive.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 7,600 lives were claimed in 2010 as a result of rollover accidents. When it comes to passenger vehicle accidents, rollover crashes were responsible for almost 35 percent of all fatalities. With that said, the overwhelming majority of traffic accidents (97 percent) involving vans, SUVs, passenger cars, and pickups did not involve a rollover during 2010. This indicates that while rollovers are not as common as other types of crashes, they are especially deadly when they do occur.

The NHTSA also reports that most of those who lost their lives in rollover accidents during 2010 were not wearing their seat belt at the time of the crash. Unfortunately, even when a driver or passenger is extremely cautious, they may find themselves in a rollover collision which brings serious hardships into their life. Prevention is essential, but it is also important for those who lives have been shattered by another driver’s poor decisions to take action.