Foggy windows and car wrecks

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2018 | Car Accidents |

There are numerous motor vehicle accident causes, some out of a driver’s control, others completely preventable. During the winter months, weather can be especially concerning and may cause an accident due to slick roads, ice, heavy snow, and rain. Moreover, colder temperatures may result in foggy windows, which can lead to an accident by interfering with a driver’s ability to see the road clearly. Whether a vehicle has a broken heater or a driver does not warm their car up or address fog before taking to the road, it can be very dangerous when someone drives even though they cannot clearly see through their windows.

Sometimes, a windshield becomes foggy after a night of cold temperatures, preventing a driver from seeing in front of them unless they clear up their windshield prior to driving. However, it can also be dangerous when the side windows fog up, especially if a driver attempts to make a turn or switch lanes. As a result, all windows should be clear before someone decides to take their vehicle onto the road.

In addition to fog, other weather-related factors can affect visibility and cause problems, such as snow that has covered the windows of a vehicle. Sadly, drivers who are responsible and always take steps to prevent these problems may also find themselves in a crash due to another driver’s failure to drive safely. Motor vehicle wreck victims deserve a voice and should look over all of their options.

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