How prevalent is underage drunk driving?

| Jan 20, 2018 | Car Accidents |

There are a wide variety of risks on the road, from those which involve weather (ice, fog, etc.) to driver errors. However, some problems are especially concerning and it can be very difficult for victims and their loved ones to know that the crash was entirely preventable. For example, many people in Virginia and across the country have chosen to drive drunk. To make things worse, this behavior also occurs too often among younger people who have not even reached the age of 21. Whether you are a teen or the parent of a young driver, it might be useful to know how common underage drunk driving is.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published information which reports that one out of every 10 high schoolers over 16 drives while they have alcohol in their system, according to the results of a survey which evaluated their behavior over the previous 30 days. To make things worse, the odds of a teen passing away in a motor vehicle crash are much greater if they have alcohol in their system as opposed to teens who have not consumed alcohol before or during their time on the road.

Not only do drunk drivers put their own lives in danger, but they also threaten the lives of innocent people. Furthermore, the consequences of a drunk driving crash can be very upsetting, even when no lives are lost.Various awareness campaigns have aimed to eradicate drunk driving, but it is still far too prevalent among drivers both young and old.