A phone-control app might have prevented your head injury

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Let us say you were the victim of a car accident and the teen who hit you was using her cell phone at the time of the crash. Could this accident have been prevented?

If the teenager had been equipped with one of the new apps that prevent cellphone use while driving, you might not have a concussion now. Here are five apps parents are using to help keep their kids from the perils of distracted driving:


When the car is traveling above a set speed, this app blocks incoming texts and calls on the driver’s cellphone. It also notifies a driver that he or she is speeding.


This app blocks predefined cellphone features from working when the vehicle–and thus, the phone–is traveling above a certain speed. Once the speed is reduced to the proper level, features become fully functional again.


This smart app reads incoming emails and text messages aloud, preventing a driver from having to look down at the cellphone. Important messages still come through, but the driver can continue to focus on the road ahead.


Here is a unique app that disables the driver’s cellphone only. Passengers in the car can still use their devices. CellControl blocks predefined activities, such as texting, playing games or taking selfies.


This is a free app that gives parents ultimate control over the teen driver’s cellphone use. The app sends a text message to Mom or Dad when their child tweets, texts or answers a phone call. Furthermore, Canary provides notification to parents when the young driver speeds or travels outside a set perimeter.

No apps for injuries

Unfortunately, science has not yet come up with an app to banish your concussion and make you feel better. However, a personal injury attorney can tell you that you have rights to be protected, and with the help of a knowledgeable advocate, you can receive full compensation for the head injury caused by the young, distracted driver.