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Preventing a motorcycle crash

Traffic accidents occur in all sorts of ways, some involve semi trucks and others involve a bicyclist or pedestrian. However, if you ride a motorcycle it is especially important to watch out for threats on the road. Motorcyclists can be especially vulnerable when they are struck by a vehicle and far too many of these accidents have led to the loss of someone's life or significant injuries that they may never be able to move on from. Our law office is very familiar with the challenges motorcyclists face in Virginia after a crash, which is why be think prevention is so important.

Jet lag and the risk of a crash

When people travel, they often experience a variety of changes and may be very excited. However, travel can also bring on stress as well as jet lag, both of which may increase the chances of a motor vehicle collision. People may experience jet lag during their vacation, or they may feel extremely tired due to traveling and time zone differences once they return home. Either way, we know that this condition can lead to a tragic crash.

Reviewing some unexpected obstacles on the road

There are many distractions that drivers might encounter, whether a passenger has a loud outburst or a driver tries to turn the radio station. However, there are many more hurdles that drivers may have to deal with, some of which are completely unanticipated. For example, an obstruction may lie on the road, such as equipment or debris that fell out of a truck. Moreover, an animal may dash across the road, prompting a driver to swerve.

Can stress result in a traffic accident?

From speeding to traffic congestion, motor vehicle crashes have many different causes. However, it is important for drivers to be aware of some of the other reasons why these accidents, which are often tragic, continue to happen. For example, someone who is under a great deal of stress due to a divorce or work might be more likely to cause a crash, which should serve as a reminder for people to drive safe.

Reviewing Virginia's right-of-way laws

One of the more common responses heard from motorists in Roanoke Country who have been involved in collisions with motorcyclists is that they were not aware that the motorcyclists were turning or that they were required to wait for them. Much of this may come from a misunderstanding of how motorcycles are viewed compared to other vehicles on the road. Such vehicles (and their drivers) are afforded the same rights and privileges as cars, trucks and SUVs. Sadly, confusion over allowing motorcyclists the right-of-way has cost many of them their lives. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 4,693 motorcyclists were killed on American roads as recently as 2015. 

Traumatic brain injuries and anger

The Virginia health care providers who took care of your loved one after a serious head injury may believe recovery is going well. However, they may not recognize personality differences because they have limited knowledge of him or her. To you, your loved one may seem like a totally different person. We at Cranwell & Moore, P.L.C., Attorneys at Law, have worked with many people whose relatives have suffered long-term damages from a brain injury caused by another's negligence.

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