How many fatalities are caused by rollover crashes?

| Oct 6, 2017 | Car Accidents |

When it comes to traffic collisions, there are all sorts of different types of accidents that can lead to the loss of life. For example, people pass away in head-on collisions or after being T-boned at an upsetting rate. That said, many people have lost their lives due to rollover crashes. Whether your family member was involved in a rollover or you are worried about finding yourself involved in a rollover wreck, it may be helpful to go over information on these types of accidents.

According to data presented by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, almost 35 percent of all of the passenger vehicle accident fatalities were the result of a rollover crash over the course of 2010. However, rollover accidents only made up for 2.1 percent of the passenger car, van, pickup truck, and SUV accidents during the same year. Moreover, 69 percent of those who passed away in these accidents were not wearing seat belts when the accident happened.

For those who find themselves involved in a traffic accident, the outcome can be devastating. Aside from the loss of life, many people have become burdened with hospital bills, significant pain, injuries that keep them from enjoying life, and a host of additional hardships. Sadly, many of these wrecks were preventable but occurred because of another person’s negligent actions, in which case victims should stand firm for their rights. Depending on the details surrounding the collision, some people who have been struck by a reckless driver may want to look into legal action.