How health care worker illness can lead to medical practice

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Flu season is here. Many people in Virginia end up suffering from this illness each year. Some of those individuals are the nurses and doctors that you go to when you are unwell and in need of medical care. Depending on your job situation, you may go to work even though you are suffering from flu symptoms. Many medical professionals do too.

Common reasons why they may show up include understaffing, not enough sick and PTO time, and commitment to patients and coworkers. When the health care workers you rely on to keep you healthy are unhealthy, they risk more than just the spreading of germs. Here is a brief overview on how sick hospital and medical workers can have an adverse impact on the delivery and quality of care you receive. 

How illness affects health care worker’s performance on the job 

Sick workers are tired and not feeling their best, even if they have taken medicine to suppress their symptoms. Because they already work long hours and odd shifts, the chances increase that they will make critical mistakes that can lead to: 

  •        Wrong diagnosis
  •        Patient falls
  •        Surgical errors
  •        Problems with medication administration
  •        Not enough attention for patients who require it 

The above mistakes are just a few of the many errors that health care workers make that can drastically alter their patients’ lives. Sometimes those issues do not just cause health complications; they can also lead to death. 

If you need medical care during flu season or any other time of the year, be sure to pay attention to your health care providers. If they appear sick or under the weather, you may want to consider seeing another professional who is qualified and can give you the quality of care you deserve and are entitled to without putting you at risk of harm.