Understanding the types of prescription errors

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Many individuals all over the world depend upon prescription medication to help cure or manage various illnesses and diseases. Unfortunately, prescription errors are not uncommon.

Errors can occur at various stages of the process. There are a few main types of prescription errors.


The code of Virginia law fully details proper hospital operations and procedures. However, not every facility operates properly, and individuals may not follow proper protocol. At a hospital, there are a few stages that patients must go through before receiving medication, which opens the door for various mistakes. A lack of knowledge about a drug or a pure misdiagnosis can lead to prescription error. Also, if a nurse misreads a label, or if the label is incorrect, a patient can receive the wrong dosage or medication.


In the pharmacy, the pharmacist handles various medications for numerous individuals. If the pharmacist is not paying proper attention, a few different errors can occur. For example, technicians may fill the right prescriptions, but the labels may be incorrect, or they may mix up prescriptions and put them in the wrong bottles. In some cases, pharmacists may provide illegal prescriptions to individuals.

At home

Once a patient goes home with prescriptions, they may think they are safe, but there is still room for error. Though the drug may be the correct one prescribed, if the CDC or other health organizations state that it is unsafe yet the doctor or pharmacist still gives it to patients, that may fall under prescription error. Also, sometimes a doctor may not take current prescriptions into consideration, which could lead to overdosing or a lethal drug mix.

It is quite possible to encounter prescription errors at various points of treatment. Anyone facing a prescription error may be eligible for a medical malpractice claim. Patients or their loved ones should consider speaking with a knowledgeable attorney to weigh possible options.