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Handling a permanent disability after a crash

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle wreck, you could be facing many different difficulties. Depending on the details of the wreck, you may be lucky to be alive. However, you might be wondering how an injury you suffered in the crash will affect your future or you may be worried about the prospects of dealing with a disability for the rest of your life. Our firm knows how devastating this situation can be and we are aware of the different ways that people with permanent disabilities suffer across the state of Virginia.

Can digitized recordkeeping pose harm to ER patients?

Many hospitals have changed their recordkeeping procedures to one of many digitized systems. If you need to visit the emergency room, electronic records should allow the physicians and nurses to provide you with faster, more efficient treatment.

Flu season and car crashes

From poor weather to the use of alcohol, motor vehicle wrecks have all sorts of causes. However, some of these collisions may be the result of a driver's illness. For example, someone who drives while they have the flu may be more likely to get in an accident for different reasons. Tragically, these crashes can make life incredibly challenging for everyone involved, whether they result in the loss of life or cause victims to sustain injuries.

Recovering from a motorcycle crash

We have discussed a wide variety of topics related to motorcycle accidents on this blog, from dangerous conditions, riskier behaviors, the importance of wearing a proper helmet and more. Unfortunately, even the most responsible motorcyclists could find themselves in the middle of an accident, regardless of the safety precautions they took, and these collisions happen too often across the state of Virginia. Our law firm is very familiar with the world of challenges that victims of motorcycle accidents often face, which can extend beyond the loss of life and significant injuries.

See and be seen with auxiliary lights for your motorcycle

Without a steel structure surrounding them, motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable to injury or death if they become involved in a highway crash. A motorcycle is a small object that motorists do not always see, and many riders seek ways to make their bikes more visible.

How can truck driver fatigue be prevented?

Truck crashes happen for an array of reasons, from intoxication caused by alcohol or drugs to speeding and icy roads. However, truck driver fatigue is a major concern in Vinton, and across all parts of Virginia. If you are the victim of a truck accident, you should explore any legal options that are open to you, regardless of the reasons why a truck driver may have caused an accident. However, it is especially important for those who drive large trucks to recognize the warning signs of fatigue and take action to prevent fatigued driving.

Driving distractions

Distracted driving has become a costly problem in Virginia and throughout the United States. While texting and driving frequently receives all the attention as the cause of distracted driving, there are many potential distractions on the road.

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