Labor Day celebrations and traffic crashes

| Aug 27, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Many people are aware of certain factors that can make an auto accident more likely, such as icy roads and snowfall. However, some may not realize that certain holidays, such as the upcoming Labor Day weekend, may increase the likelihood of a wreck. Aside from traffic congestion, some people choose to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol at a party with friends or family members. At Cranwell & Moore, we know how devastating it can be for families who are struggling with the aftermath of a crash during Labor Day or at any other time of year.

Following a collision, life can be thrown upside down for victims and their loved ones in different ways. For example, a family may be preparing to send their child back to school after summer break comes to a close, which can become even more difficult after an auto accident. Or, the crash may leave someone with a serious injury that prevents them from driving, working or handling other responsibilities. Sadly, some of these crashes prove fatal and families are never able to fully recover from the emotional pain that comes with losing someone they love due to a reckless driver.

If an auto crash has turned your life upside down, you should not postpone taking action. Unfortunately, some people celebrate Labor Day and other holidays with little regard for the potential consequences of their actions. By visiting our auto accidents section, you will be able to read more about some of the consequences of motor vehicle collisions.