Reckless speeding and motor vehicle crashes

| Jul 15, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Although traffic accidents happen for many reasons, it is very upsetting that many are caused by reckless speeding. Sometimes, negligent drivers speed on purpose, while others are careless and fail to observe how fast they are traveling or road signs indicating the speed limit. In Virginia, accidents caused by speeding may result in severe injuries or even the loss of innocent life. At Cranwell & Moore, our law firm is all too familiar with the problems victims of these collisions often have to go through.

Sadly, crashes that are the result of speeding can be particularly brutal. For example, if a driver is trying to see how fast they can go, their vehicle may have a far more devastating impact during a collision. If you are a car crash victim because of someone’s poor decision or irresponsible behavior, you may be very upset. To make matters worse, you could be going through difficulties related to physical injuries, lost work, hospital costs, mental scarring, and other hardships.

There is no excuse for drivers who put lives at risk by blatantly violating traffic safety laws. Whether a driver claims that they were trying to get to work on time or provides any other explanation for their behavior, reckless driving must be addressed, especially when it results in an accident that causes victims to suffer.

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